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The Barnes & Noble Review 
          by Jessica Leigh Lebos

In this invaluable book, Dr. Susan Rako, a preeminent authority on women’s gynecological health, bravely debunks the anti-period movement as “bad science,” calling menstrual suppression ... “the largest uncontrolled experiment in the history of medical science. Hands down.” Despite what seems like a fabulous deal -- no more expensive products, no more cramps, no more mess every month -- experts on women’s health, like Dr. Rako, issue warnings about manipulating the fragile female hormonal cycle and the effects of denying the body its natural rhythm. Rako’s arguments are based on endocrinological studies that show the damaging effects of suppressing a woman’s periods.

In language every woman can understand, No More Periods explains how interrupting the menstrual cycle results in bone loss, sexual dysfunction, sterility, and depression. Every fertile woman ought to arm herself with the information in this slender book -- especially younger women who believe this “easy” birth control option has no side effects. In other words, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is -- period.


Edward Klaiber, M.D.
author of Hormones and the Mind

"A book which clearly establishes the medical risks involved with the suppression of the normal menstrual cycle, thoroughly researched and extensively documented, No More Periods?convincingly argues that tampering with the natural rhythm of a woman's reproductive cycle is a large, uncontrolled experiment. Writing with intelligence and sensitivity, Dr.Rako speaks about her own and many other women's feelings regarding the affirmation and wonder of healthy menstruation. Following her earlier work, The Hormone of Desire,  this book further entrenches Dr. Rako's already well established position as a leading expert in the field of women's health."



Danielle Allard
Canadian Women's Health Network

"Menstrual suppression, the cessation of a woman's period using hormones, has recently become a hot topic in women's health. Many health professionals and drug companies are suggesting that it is a safe and preferable option for women to suppress their periods if they are not trying to become pregnant. In her book, No More Periods, Susan Rako argues that this is a dangerous idea that does not take into consideration the medical risks associated with menstrual suppression such as osteoporosis, heart attacks, strokes and cancer. She is concerned that members of the medical community have not provided women with enough information about the implications of menstrual suppression. A gap exists that once filled, will cause women to think long and hard before choosing to stop their periods. This book attempts to fill that gap by discussing frankly and honestly the far reaching implications of what it means not only to stop one's period but also alter the whole menstrual and female reproductive cycle."




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