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consultAuthor of "The Hormone of Desire" and internationally respected authority on testosterone deficiency and hormone supplementation in women. Dr. Rako speaks out, addressing women's worries about the safety of hormone supplementation.

As published in The New York Times

To the Editor:

What has been tested and found risky is one particular drug, Prempro, a pharmaceutical that combines conjugated estrogen with a synthetic progestin.

Unfortunately, the study made no provision to follow the risks to women of supplemental estrogen in combination with natural progesterone on an intermittent cyclic basis, a regimen least likely to increase risks of breast cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.

Women should not be left thinking that all estrogen-progestin hormone replacement therapy is hazardous. What a pity that the study was poorly designed and that its conclusions lend themselves so well to misinterpretation.

Susan Rako, M.D.
Newtonville, Massachusetts


In order to accommodate requests for customized information about testosterone deficiency, comprehensive hormone supplementation, and sex after menopause, Dr. Rako is available for a limited number of individual, one hour telephone or Zoom consultations each week. The purpose of the consultation is to help each woman to understand as much as possible about her particular hormonal needs and about the safest options available to maintain health and quality of life.

Fee: $400.00 (prepaid)

To arrange for an individual consultation:

Please send name, e-mail address and telephone number to:

Directly upon receipt of your request and payment, you will be contacted by telephone to schedule the consultation for the soonest mutually convenient hour.



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