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The Story Behind "The Hormone of Desire"

Dr. Susan Rako, author of, 'The Hormone Of Desire'


"I was not inclined to settle . . . for the temporizing, patronizing, dismissive and irresponsibly uninformed treatment I received from the gynecologists and endocrinologists I consulted."

How this book came to be

"My experience began . . . ... like that of many women approaching menopause. Always having been comfortable with my body's female manifestations and rhythms, I had expected to go through menopause naturally --- without the use of hormones. "Eight years ago, when I was forty-seven, still having menstrual periods - albeit irregularly -- and several years before the eventuation of my menopause, I could not make sense of the significant loss in general vital energy, thinning and loss of pubic hair, and loss of sexual energy I experienced. To say that I was lacking a feeling of well-being would be an understatement. "When my state of misery developed, I assumed that estrogen was what I needed, and resigned myself to the prospect of taking estrogen and progestin, but my conservative gynecologist was unwilling to prescribe estrogen until I had stopped having periods.

I waited . . .






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